June 3, 2020

Another cruise liner quarantined in Hong Kong -Corona Virus

Japan’s health authorities say another 10 people aboard cruise ship Diamond Princess, south of Tokyo, have been tested positive for the Corona-virus bringing the number of cases onboard to 20, and those infected will be transferred to the nearest hospital after the ship docks in Yokohama.
The 3700 passengers and crew faced at least 14 days quarantine on the vessel.
Meanwhile, another cruise liner, the World Dream, carrying over 3600 people is now quarantined in Hong Kong.
As far as we know there are around 3600 passengers stranded on the cruise waiting to be tested by the medical staff, but how long it would take to medical staff to finish testing all of the passengers onboard and how many cases will be confirmed, remains unknown.

corona virus hong kong
Hong Kong port

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