June 3, 2020


Aleksandar Talic

“It Always Seems Impossible,
Until it’s Done”

Founder of "LIFE ON CRUISE SHIP" website

Aleksandar Talic is born in Slovenia in southern part of Europe on 23rd.october.1987..
     During his childhood he moved with his parents to the Bosnia and Herzegovina where he lives now.
     After graduating from high school he was working almost for 12 years many regular jobs back home in different areas, from restaurant departments, sales, to local industry jobs.

     After many years of hard work he felt that he need some change in his life, so he developed an idea to start to work on the cruise ship.

After some time he send his application to one of the local agencies and in next few months of recruiting process, he got the job in one of the American cruise line companies in restaurant department as a waiter.

 The experience was life changing and he become kinda lovely obsesed with cruise ships and that lifestyle.
     He has decided to launch this website to expand online community and to give his contribution with love to this topic.

“Greetings to all crew members worldwide, you are all my friends, and to all good guests that this Cruise industry exists for.”

san juan birds
San Juan, Puerto Rico
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Miami, Bayside, Florida
Cozumel, Mexico

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