July 6, 2020

Celebrity Cruises Raising Gratuity Rate

2020 brings some new changes to Celebrity Cruises passengers and crew members.
This line has announced the raising of gratuities that will start on January 6th.2020.

          According to CruiseRadio.net, the cost of the gratuity will be 6.9% higher than current prices
Tips on standard-staterooms changed from $14.50-to-$15.50 per day, per guest.
Concierge Class & Aqua Class staterooms will change from $15 to $16 per day, per guest, and Suite Class accommodation will change from $18 to $19 per day, per guest, according to CruiseRadio.net.

          They also noted that Celebrity sent a message to travel agents, guests & partners, with an explanation that gratuities are shared by their exceptional onboard dining and culinary services team, stateroom attendants, other housekeeping services personnel, as well as staff from other departments who work behind the scenes to enhance the cruise experience.

          Passengers who have booked their cruise and have prepaid gratuities will not be charged the increased fee. Guests who book now until 6th.January will also avoid new rates by prepaying gratuities.


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