June 2, 2020

Introducing – New P&O Iona Cruise ship

P&O Cruises is the company out of the UK which was acquired by Carnival Corp. in 2003.
P&O has ordered two brand-new ships, and this is the artist’s version of the new one called P&O Iona.
There’ll be a second one identical to this one that is announced for 2022.
These ships are gonna handle 5200 passengers each but a quarter million a year we would guesstimate.
These two ships will become the two largest ships to service Britain.
It’ll take P&O cruises from present six ships and moving them up to eight.
The oldest ship in the fleet, the Orianna, from 1995, 70-ton ship, has been sold last year.

Rather than what they have now at six, the capacity on an annual basis is expected to run up to 1.5-million passengers a year. This ship will be based out of Southampton.

The glass dome, that is called the Sky-Dome is going to be a beautiful place to hang out in lousy weather and of course, if you’re sailing around the UK, Norway, Sweden, you’re gonna be surrounded by rain and cool weather from time to time… Well here you go, indoor pool jacuzzis loungers everything.
In the evening this becomes an entertainment center and a nice place to see some shows and also enjoy the night sky the ship has definitely been adapted for its environment.

There’s the grand atrium on the ship, it’s a 3-level high atrium with lots of views to the outside, perfect for enjoying the scenery or staying warm on a cool day.
The ship is got a number of features. It’s going to have 17 different restaurants, of course with 5200 people you’ve got to have variety obviously, twelve bars are going to be installed, sixteen whirlpools or swimming pools, some outdoor, some indoor and many other things…

The ship will be run on liquid natural gas, so it’ll be environmentally friendly. It’ll be welcome in any port worldwide.
This is the direction that Carnival is going, and this is the direction that other cruise lines are going.
They’re going for liquid natural gas propulsion because pollution standards are being raised.
The ports are literally like downtown and you cannot have a floating city of 5,200 people plus say 2000 crew =7,200 people, you just cannot have the pollution coming out of the smokestack as a ship it’s downtown.

MS Iona is under construction at the Meyer Werft shipyard in Papenburg, Germany, and it’s expected to be finished until May this year (2020).
The second ship will arrive in 2022 and we know the UK is anxiously awaiting the arrival of this ship.
It’s really transforming the cruising business in and around the UK.


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